We provide you with .Net Programmers - Hire .Net Developer - DotNetNuke Programmers, dedicated asp.net developer, on monthly contract basis. Our personal care would be to provide yo with best .NET programmer who will work dedicatedly for you.

We have our Offshore .net developers who can work on monthly contract to hire basis for clients in US, UK, Canada, Australia & Norway.

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Time : Time: 9 Hours Day, 5 Days a Week- Monday to Friday
Holidays : Sunday and Indian National and Regional Holidays.

Our Expertise:

We work on product development, mobile games, ecommerce shopping cart, web applications, custom software applications, dynamic website development, security, database management, project management,and much more. We have expert programmers in C#, Vb.NET, NET framework, ASP.NET,Sqlserver, XML, XSL,MSAccess along with JavaScript and XSLT.

We have .Net developers who have an experience of more than 3+yrs .All of our .NET developers are provided with the best of the hardware and development tools including latest configured computers, development tools like Java, C#.NET, ASP.NET, VB.NET, Visual Basic, Microsoft SQL.On demand we can even provide you with resume details of our ASP.NET developers.

We have a team of experts whom you can hire on dedicated basis.We will be providing you with our Dedicate .NET Developer from India who will be working with you on your own standard timings and schedule as per your conveyance, Our hiring services for a .NET Developer are now also available for USA,UK,Europe,Australia,Netherlands, Denmark,Austria and Norway clients, You can get a lot of benefits of hiring a .NET Programmer from us such as timing benefits ,inexpensive hiring rates and even Excellent fluency in order to have achieve proper goals.We have resources for Silver Light aswell, Over the years of Exp. and hard work we have developed the skills of customization on all the .NET related frameworks have programmers working for us and most of them are haveing an EXP of 4+ yrs, Following would be the queries that our clients have while hiring a Programmer from us:

What does the Hiring service provide ?

We will be providing one or more than one .NET programmer depending upon the complexity and the time line for the project You can even hire a dedicated .NET programmer on part time or full time basis.

What will be the cost as compared to other Web service providers?

The rates for the projects will vary depending upon the time line and the complexity of projects , it will even depend upon the .NET programmers whom you will be hiring but we can assure you that the cost will be quite inexpensive as compared to other service providers

Method of communication with the programmer that i will be hiring ?

You can be in contact with him with our PMS Tool one of which would be "Base Camp" there you can be in constant contact with him, we will personally take care of that fact that all your messages are properly delivered to the person concerned Especially the Department managers , TL's and the Programmer

What time will the programmer work?

We can make arrangements for the .NET programmer to work for you on your timings and if sometimes we face an issue with the timings then the programmer will be available for you to work on IST and even the project review is done here every day by the Concerned department managers and the Tl's so that we take special care that we get your project completed in the specific time as discussed at the start-up of the project

What is the procedure to change the programmer ?

We provide you with a facility to interview the programmer through a telephonic or a (Skype/Gmail/Yahoo) chat in order to choose the perfect resource for yourself , The Hired .NET programmer will work for you as if your own employee and we will provide you the perfect platform for the same, If by any case in the middle of the project you feel that the programmer is not meeting your needs then we can even make arrangements for a better programmer and a complete handover of the project will be done.

Benefits of Hiring .NET developers from Miester Display.

  • At least 6 hours a day, 6 days a week of developing work
  • Effective development environment
  • 24/7 support by emails, phone, fax
  • Updatation of daily activities on your project
  • An indented code with a perfect style of coding or it can be according to you.
  • We provide yu with a proper documentation of the work.
  • Proper follow-ups in order to complete the project before dead lines
You need to provide us with :
  • A detailed description of the project
  • We are open for email, phone or FAX
  • You can contact our Senior executives at any point of time during the execution of the work
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