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You can hire a Java Programmer, dedicated Java developer, from us according to your needs, on Monthly Contract Hiring Basis.

This is the world of cutthroat competition. Therefore, competitive dedicated software professionals are inneed with Innovative and impeccable partnership. Every company is in search of talents to secure their base. Don't you! From quite some time offshore contract IT developers / programmers to execute there a work was a Great way to get the Job done without committing to the salary, benefits, and tons of obligations which is achieved by hiring a fulltime developer.

ava developers, as a conduit to your audience work dedicatedly on your project. There are great demands of Java developers due to complexity and platform independent. It seems Java developers are mandatory in software development company/firm. Let's have a look on these certain points that makes every software company to hire DEDICATED JAVA DEVELOPERS. :

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Time : Time: 6 Hours Day, 6 Days a Week- Monday to Saturday
Holidays : Sunday and Indian National and Regional Holidays.





Our Responsibilities:

  • Have a complete understanding of business opportunities- project team assistance- architecture of technical solution.
  • Process sequencing and detailed system design.
  • Convert design and functional specifications into computer code at both the server and presentation layer.
  • Standard software development practices review
  • In order to achieve business functionality -Integrate third party components, solutions, and entire applications.
  • Testing online and offline
  • Maintain technical environment and supports documentation
  • Deploy solutions and work with latest technical services
  • Mentor into J2EE environment and get suggestion from your side to develop whole projects within deadlines.

We have our programmers working on monthly contract basis for clients in USA, UK, Australia & Norway.

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