PHP is a a powerful server side scripting language as is being mostly used in the development of websites , many websites are being built these for business purposes using the same.For the websites PHP Web Programming is quite relevant for the development of products and application's, It is quite flexible and therefore it can be run on any web sever.Here at Miester Display We have the best team of php webdevelopers available who are quite talented and experienced in PHP Web Development and are available for you 5 days in a week.

In the field of PHP Rapid Application Development we have provide ourselves as to be an outstanding service provider and in the new Era of the IT industry we have provided solutions that are incomparable in PHP Web Programming, PHP Development Services. We can provide you with Dedicated PHP Developers and designers for Website Redesign whom who can hire on dedicated basis and can even make arrangements so that they can work for you on your convenient time and schedule, Our PHP programmers are experts in Open Source Integration, Custom PHP Development and even can work on any opensource Ecommerce platforms, You name them and we have the perfect PHP based solution for you.


Services We provide:

open-source development and customization:

In open-source we provide the development and customization of softwares such as Joomla , Magento , Drupal, Wordpress and Elgg . Many of the websites are being developed using the above because they are quite user friendly and also they provide us with an excellent CMS(content management system).

Open-source Ecommerce Development:

In the development of your Ecommerce website we will provide you with opensource applications such as Magento, Os-commerce and Joomla . All of them have a ready module for the payment gateways which in turn reduces the efforts in the development of an ecommerce website , they are customizable and provide us with a user friendly backend structure which can be used of customized according to your requirement with template integration service.

CakePHP Development:

CakePHP makes it easier for the user to interface with the database with the active record pattern. It also encourages use of the model-view-controller architectural pattern. We Even provide services in the Upcoming version 2.0 of CakePHP which is being modeled around the Data Mapper architectural pattern.With Complete template integration and the structure defined in cake PHP we can make you website look and feel incomparable with any other website at a very reasonable rate as compared to the other service providers.

Ecommerce Development:

Here at Miester Display we provide you with an ultimate solutions for all your requirements in the development , designing and revamping of your website with proper W3C standards, validation and Web 2.0 Concept. After hiring us you can get maintenance benefits and a lot of other features which are quite unique.

PHP Dedicated Developers:

By hiring a developer you will have him working for you as your own employee according to your convenient time and schedule , we will make arrangements for you to interact with the hired developer at any point of time and complete support will be provided to you by our department manager Mr. Andrew and Tl's if you have any queries at the time of execution of the project. You contact us to know more about the unique features and the incomparable services we provide.