How do you stop a selection in Krita?

Double click to end your polygon and finalize your selection area. Use the Shift + Z shortcut to undo last point.

How do I move a selected area in Krita?

Move and Transform

If you are familiar with the way to move layers in PS by holding down Ctrl, you can do the same in Krita by pressing the T key for the move tool (think ‘T’ranslate) or Ctrl+T for transform tool.

How do you use outline selection tool in Krita?

Click and drag to draw a border around the section you wish to select. This tool was previously called as the Outline Selection tool. Starting from Krita 4.4.

Hotkeys and Sticky keys

  1. Shift + …
  2. Alt + …
  3. Ctrl + …
  4. Shift + Alt +

How do I select multiples on Krita?

Contiguous Selection Tool

  1. Shift + sets the subsequent selection to ‘add’. You can release the Shift key while dragging, but it will still be set to ‘add’. …
  2. Alt + sets the subsequent selection to ‘subtract’.
  3. Ctrl + sets the subsequent selection to ‘replace’.
  4. Shift + Alt + sets the subsequent selection to ‘intersect’.

What is contiguous selection?

Definitions. A selection that consists of a set of objects that are logically sequential or adjacent to each other.

What does Alt do in Krita?

Like in PS, you can use the Alt or Shift keys during a selection to remove or add selection to the active selection. In addition, you can hold Alt + Shift to intersect. Krita also offers sub tools for this, and you can select them in the Tool Options if a select tool is active.

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How do you flip a selection on Ibispaint?

Open the Layer window and tap ① Invert Layer Horizontally. Continue to flip back and forth, adjusting the image until it all looks OK.