Is clip studio paint a monthly pay?

We now offer flexible monthly usage plans so you can use Clip Studio Paint on your preferred devices. See here for monthly usage plan terms. We offer both monthly and annual payment plans. An annual payment plan can save you up to 51% compared to a monthly payment plan.

Do you only have to buy Clip Studio Paint once?

Clip Studio Paint can only be purchased once per installation. You can use Clip Studio Paint on as many devices (Windows, Mac OS, iPad, iPhone) as you want for one monthly usage plan, giving you a choice between several themes. By doing so, you need to order Clip Studio Paint Ver’s monthly edition.

Does Clip Studio cost money?

Clip Studio Paint Pro: (for macOS and Windows) $49.99 at a one-time purchase (for Windows, macOS, iPad, iPhone and Galaxy) monthly usage plan starts from $0.99 Clip Studio Paint EX: (for macOS and Windows) $219 at a one-time purchase (for Windows, macOS, iPad, iPhone and Galaxy) monthly usage plan starts from $2.49 …

Is Clip Studio Paint permanent?

Clip Studio Paint for Galaxy/Android is only offered on a monthly usage plan, and no perpetual license is available. Please download Clip Studio Paint from their respective stores and purchase a monthly usage plan. Used by professionals.

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Is Clip Studio Paint free?

Clip Studio Paint is available for free for first-time users of a monthly usage plan by choosing the latest version of the software from the menu.

Is Clip Studio Paint free on PC?

Clip Studio Paint updates are available free of charge. Download the latest version of Clip Studio Paint here. The instruction manual, additional materials, and sample data.

How much does clip paint cost?


One-time purchase (Download Version) Windows / macOS US$219.00
Monthly usage plan Learn more Upgrade your current plan here. Windows / macOS / iPad / iPhone / Galaxy / Android / Chromebook Up to 3 months free with first monthly plan Up to 34% off with an annual plan US$6.00~/month

Is Clip Studio Paint good?

Clip Studio Paint is a versatile digital painting program that is ideal for rendering and inking with its many useful and unique features. It is easy to learn and has many tools and custom brushes that allow you to paint and render any type of illustrations you want.

Is procreate or Clip Studio better?

Which is better Clip Studio or Procreate? Procreate is truly unmatched when it comes to painting, sketching and editing. CSP is also a very powerful program and although, it looks and feels more like Photoshop, it was specially created for making comics.

Is Clip Studio Paint a subscription on iPad?

If you choose not to pay for a monthly plan, you can use the app for free for one hour every day. Clip Studio Pro on the desktop is a one-time price of $50 (with the software regularly going on sale for half that price), and the iPad app is $4.49 / month.

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How long does a Clip Studio Paint license last?

Clip Studio Paint Pro from Celsys Inc. ( with a 24-month license.

How do I get Clip Studio Paint Pro for free?

If you have already used the 6-month free usage period and downloaded the app from the Galaxy Store, launch Clip Studio Paint and tap P icon> Purchase app / Change grade or payment plan > “Try for free” for the 30-day free offer.