Is there a fill option in SketchBook?

, the Flood Fill toolbar appears, containing fills and, depending on the version you’re using, an assortment of tools. Use the tools to change fill tolerance, apply a fill to either all layers or only the active layer, or reverse a gradient fill.

How do you fill color in Autodesk SketchBook?

For Android tablet users:

  1. Tap at the bottom of the Layer Editor.
  2. Tap and tap the bottom section of the Double Puck.
  3. If your UI is hidden, with one hand tap-hold the Trigger and drag to select Color from the menu. With the other, make changes or select colors.

What does magic wand do in sketchbook?

In SketchBook Pro Desktop, a selection can also be used to select an area, then with the V key open the Transform Puck to move, scale or rotate your selection. Magic Wand to select the background and either an eraser or Clear to delete the background.

How do you select an object in SketchBook?

Using Quick Selections

  1. Rectangle (M) – Tap in the toolbar or press the M key, then tap-drag to select an area.
  2. Lasso (L) – Tap in the toolbar or press the L key, then tap-drag to select an area.

Where is the color puck in SketchBook?

The Color Puck in SketchBook Pro Desktop

If the puck is not visible, to access it, select Window > Color Puck. Drag within the puck to change luminance and saturation.

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How do you fill a space in design?

Here’s 8 ways to design with white space.

  1. Leave spaces empty. …
  2. Remove borders. …
  3. Enlarge the background image. …
  4. Use a colored background. …
  5. Space the letters. …
  6. Use padding. …
  7. Add a border. …
  8. Make one aspect of your design prominent.