Quick Answer: How do I get my color palette back in CorelDRAW?

If you inadvertently delete or close the color palette that is normally on the right side of the CorelDRAW screen, getting it back is as easy as going to Window > Color Palettes and enabling Default Palette (or whichever color palette you want displayed).

How do I enable color palette in CorelDRAW?

Where to Find Palettes. To open the Palettes docker, go to Window > Dockers > Palettes. Here you see the whole array of color palettes available. If you need to turn on any palettes other than the default palette, this is where you do it.

How do you show color palette?

Open the Color Palette Manager. In the My palettes folder, click the Show or hide icon beside the custom palette name. If you want to set a custom color palette as the default palette, click the custom palette flyout button , and click Set as default. Open the Color Palette Manager.

How do I open the color palette in CorelDRAW X7?

With a new document open in Corel Draw X7, go to Window/Color Palettes/Color Palette Manager. With the new Palette created, go to Window/Color Palettes/Palette Editor… Make sure to be in your Palette and click: Add Color.

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What is the use of color palette in CorelDRAW how it is dock and found?

Docking a color palette attaches it to the edge of the application window. Undocking a color palette pulls it away from the edge of the application window, so it floats and can be easily moved around.

To dock or undock a color palette
To customize color swatches

How do I change the default palette color in CorelDRAW?

To set the RGB palette, for example, as default for all Color Dropdowns, open the Default RGB palette and choose Set As Default from its Context Menu. To open the Default RGB palette, click Window > Color Palettes > Default RGB palette.

How do I add a color palette in CorelDRAW 2021?

Drag an image or object from the drawing window to the custom palette. In the dialog box, click a color swatch, click the arrow next to Add to palette, choose the name of your custom palette from the list, and then click Add to palette.