Frequent question: How do I erase in Lightroom CC?

Is there an eraser tool in Lightroom?

To use it, all you have to do is click on “eraser”. Go over the areas you want to erase, just as if you were using the brush tool normally. The eraser will remove the brush effect, but won’t delete anything from the original image.

How do you erase in Lightroom?

Remove distracting objects from your photos

  1. Select the Healing Brush tool by clicking its icon in the column on the right or pressing the H key.
  2. Use the Size slider in the Healing Brush settings to make the brush tip slightly larger than the object that you want to remove. …
  3. Click on or drag over the unwanted object.

How do I remove a linear gradient in Lightroom?

Erase or add to the Linear Gradient

You can erase part of a selected gradient by selecting the Eraser icon at the top of the Linear Gradient panel and painting over the unwanted area.

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