How do I get earth tones in Lightroom?

To get brown tones in Lightroom, you need to use the HSL and Color Grading adjustments. With the HSL adjustments, bring down the hue and saturation of your greens, yellows, and oranges. Afterward, use Color Grading to add a yellow-orange hue to finalize the brown earthy tones in your image.

How do I get warm tones in Lightroom?

Warm Tones – Community Feature & Lightroom Tips

  1. White Balance: Adjust the WB to the right side of the slider to warm up the image. …
  2. HSL Panel: Adjust the Hue, Saturation, and Luminance of the warmer colors in your image (Red, Orange, and Yellow) and see how that affects the overall tones represented in the scene.

How do you make yourself look tan on Lightroom?

To make your skin look tan in Lightroom, go to the HSL panel and decrease the orange and yellow hue value. Next, increase the saturation of the orange and yellow hue sliders to enhance the tan color. To finalize the effect, adjust the orange Luminance value to make the tan look lighter or darker.

How do I get moody tones in Lightroom?

How to Create a Dark and Moody Look in Lightroom

  1. Load a photo of your choice into Lightroom. …
  2. In the Edit panel, go to the Light section. …
  3. Bring the contrast back up.
  4. In the Light section, click on the Tone Curve button. …
  5. Lift the blacks by dragging the bottom-left point upwards.
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How do I edit a forest image in Lightroom?

Tips for Post-processing Forest Images in Lightroom

  1. Decrease shadows and increase blacks.
  2. Adjust the highlights.
  3. Adjust colors.
  4. Highlight the main subject of your photo.
  5. Add a dreamy look.
  6. Try some presets.