How do you change to PT in Illustrator?

How do you change to point type in Illustrator?

Starting in Illustrator CC, you can convert from Point to Area and back using either a menu or a widget. With your text item selected, and choose Type >Convert to Area Type (or Convert to Point Type). You can also use the widget on the right-hand side of Area or Point Type containers.

How do I change the ruler units in Illustrator?

Choose Edit→ Preferences→ Units (Windows) or Illustrator→ Preferences→ Units (Mac) to open the Preferences dialog box. Change the ruler unit only by using the General drop-down list in the Preferences dialog box.

How do you change proportions in Illustrator?

Step 1: Click on the Artboard tool in the toolbar. Step 2: Select the artboard you want to resize. You will see the blue bounding box. Step 3: Change the artboard size W (width) and H (height) in the Artboard panel on the right-hand side of the Illustrator document.

How do you make text editable in Illustrator?

Select the Selection tool and click to select a text object. Choose Type > Create Outlines to convert the text to editable paths.

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