How do you edit sunset photos in Lightroom mobile?

How do I edit sunset photos in Lightroom?

Enhance the colors in a sunset

  1. Click the + icon and then add the sample photo, or use your own.
  2. Set the White Balance to Auto in the Color panel and notice the immediate effect on the colors.
  3. Adjust the Temp, Tint, and Saturation sliders to further alter the color in your sunset scene.

How do I change sky on Lightroom mobile?

Here is where you go to turn the sky into a beauty. Go to the ‘Mix sliders’ under the color tab. Search for the blue color tab and lower the ‘Hue’ slider until you get the perfect result. Fun fact: You don’t have to use the teal sliders, only the blue one will do the work for you.

Do I need a filter for sunset photography?

A neutral density (ND) filter is essential for landscape photography and comes in handy for sunset and sunrise photos because they allow you to achieve slower shutter speeds than you could normally get and create motion blur for a more compelling image.

How do I change the sunrise in Lightroom?

How to Edit Sunrise & Sunset Photos in Lightroom

  1. Step 1: Make Global Adjustments: Tone, Presence, and Sharpening. …
  2. Step 2: Make Background Adjustments (Sky) …
  3. Step 3: Make Foreground Adjustments. …
  4. Step 4: Crop the Image.
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How do you edit the sky in Lightroom?

How to Replace the Sky Using Adobe Lightroom

  1. Select the Brush Tool at the upper right corner of the sidebar, just below the Histogram. Then click the Auto Mask box further below.
  2. Adjust the Temp to blue by moving the pointer to the left.
  3. Brush over the sky. …
  4. It’s that easy to enhance skies!

How do I get the golden hour on my iPhone?

To switch it on, simply go to your Camera app, tap HDR at the top of the screen, and tap On. Shoot reflections. Combine standing water with golden-hour light and you’ve got a recipe for a gorgeous photo.