What is saving to a legacy format in Illustrator?

Or you received a file from a coworker or a client. Whatever it was – the file is older than the Illustrator version you’re currently using. Illustrator calls this kind of documents “legacy files” and when you try to save (via File > Save) this kind of file after you made a change to it, you receive this error.

What does a legacy format mean?

A file format that has since been updated.

What is the best way to save an Illustrator file for print?

Step 1: In Illustrator, you will save your document as a print-ready pdf by selecting File and then Save As. Step 2: Next, select Adobe PDF format from the format option drop down menu. Click on the Save button and a new screen will open which will allow you to select different options for creating a print-ready pdf.

How do you identify the legacy version of an AI file?

Do you have Adobe Bridge? If you launch it and navigate to your file within that app, then you can view the file properties, which will show the version of Illustrator the file was originally created in.

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How do you Downsave in Illustrator?

To downsave a newer version of Adobe Illustrator to an older one, simply click File > Save a Copy > Save > Select the CS Version of your choice > OK.

How do I redraw text in Illustrator?

To update the text without creating a copy, select the type object and choose Type > Legacy Text > Update Selected Legacy Text. Alternatively, select a type tool and click in the text that you want to update, or double-click the text that you want to update using the Selection tool. Then click Update.

How do you change text in Adobe Illustrator?

1. Change Character Styles

  1. Step 1: Select the text using the Selection Tool (V) if you need to edit all text in one style. …
  2. Step 2: Change the font, style, or spacing in the Character panel.
  3. Step 3: Select a color from the Swatches panel, or double click on the Fill Tool and use the color picker to select a color.

How do I save a file in Illustrator?

Choose File→Save, File→Save As (to save an existing file with a new name), or File→Save a Copy (to create a duplicate copy of a file). Navigate to a location for the file and enter a filename. In the Format drop-down, choose one of the available formats (AI, EPS, or PDF).

How do I save an Illustrator file without losing quality?

Option One:

  1. Select the artboard you would like to save out by selecting the artwork on that artboard.
  2. Go to File>Export>Save for Web (Legacy)
  3. A dialogue box will appear. Select JPEG and lower your quality down to 60%. …
  4. Check to make sure your photo size is around 100K or less before you save it. …
  5. Click save.
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How do I save a high quality PDF in Illustrator?


  1. Choose File > Save As or File > Save A Copy.
  2. Specify a name and location for the file.
  3. Choose Adobe PDF (*.PDF) as the file format and click Save.
  4. Choose Adobe PDF Preset “Press Quality”
  5. Then select the following options: Under “Marks and Bleeds” select a. crop marks b. …
  6. Click Export (Windows) or Save (Mac OS).

Is it better to print to PDF or save as PDF?

‘Save As’ will more accurately copy the look and actions of the original document into the PDF clone. But that might not be what you want – additional document details (Microsoft calls it ‘metadata’) can be copied to the PDF and visible to the reader. ‘Print’ options will make a PDF that looks like a printed page.