You asked: How do I add symbols to Illustrator library?

How do you import Symbols in Illustrator?

Click on a symbol in a library to add it to your Illustrator Symbols Palette. Add as many symbols as you believe will be useful to your document. Select a symbol that you want to use on your Symbols Palette. Drag it to the place on your document where you would like to use it.

Where is the Symbol library in Illustrator?

1 Choose Window > Symbols, the Symbols panel appears. There are only a few symbols included in the Symbols panel by default, but many more that you can access in the library. 2 Click on the panel menu in the upper-right of the Symbols panel and select Open Symbol Library > Retro.

How do I save a Symbol in Illustrator?

Put the symbols that you want to save in your library in the Symbols panel. Get rid of any that you do not want to save to your library. Next, go to the Symbols Libraries button, click it, and select Save Symbols from the dropdown menu. Enter a name for the library, then click Save.

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