Your question: What are Artboards used for in Photoshop?

Artboards are used to show several canvases all on the same document and are helpful when developing interfaces. To begin using Artboards, set the Document Type to Artboard when you create a New Document in Photoshop, then select an Artboard Size. To add additional Artboards to your canvas, use the Artboard Tool.

What is the use of artboard?

An Artboard in Illustrator works like a physical piece of paper on a desk. Similar to pages in Indesign CC, artboards can be different sizes and orientations and be arranged however suits your workflow. With the Artboard tool you can create multi-page documents.

What is the difference between a layer and an artboard?

Whereas the Layers tool lets you organize your artwork, the Artboard defines the working space onto which you design. You can think of it as the painter’s canvas, a canvas that you can scale up or down depending on the project’s needs.

What is artboard in Adobe?

Artboards are similar to pages in Adobe InDesign or Microsoft Word and represent the printable area. Artboards can be different sizes and orientations, be arranged how you like, and overlap. The artboard you are working on is the active artboard.

What is meant by artboard?

Noun. artboard (plural artboards) (graphical user interface) An on-screen design surface in a drawing application.

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